Welcome to the ISUF2020 Conference Portal: Cities in the 21st Century


Welcome to the portal for ISUF2020. Our conference this year is a grand experiment in an entirely on-line format. In our new format we are offering LOBBY sessions, with open panel discussions, PLENARY sessions with noted speakers, and PAPER sessions, with the latest urban morphology research. All sessions are scheduled to be convenient for people around the world. Two hundred twenty academics, planners, and designers are participating, coming to you LIVE from 35 countries! On this Portal you will find links to the Program, Zoom Venues, and recordings of the sessions. The main conference software site is ISUF2020.EXORDO.COM, where you can register for the conference and have access to the Live Program with details about the sessions. Keep in mind that the “conference time” listed in the program is Salt Lake City time – UTC-6.


About this Portal

For the most up-to date- program, please sign in at ISUF2020.EXORDO.COM Here are links to an abbreviated conference SCHEDULE, which is a useful reference. HIGHLIGHTS gives further life to our featured Plenary speakers, and SESSION RECORDINGS provide a way to view sessions that are not convenient for your time zone (for registered delegates only).


The conference will be held entirely online. These links open up the Zoom platform and link directly to the live sessions. Refer to the program to check the Venue for each session.

Conference Timetable

Our exciting on-line format allows sessions to be scheduled 24/7, starting at 6am, September 1, Salt Lake City, Utah, time. Translating that to your time zone is not trivial, so we have provided a Timetable comparing Salt Lake time and date to London and Beijing.


ISUF2020 is sponsored and organized by the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah